• What's a Mesiodens Tooth, and Does It Need Treatment?

    Supernumerary means extra, beyond what is needed, or surplus to requirements—so you can probably guess what a supernumerary tooth is. The trouble is that your dental arch is configured to hold a certain number of teeth, and anything beyond that creates the risk of dental overcrowding. This can lead to issues with the alignment and general health of your teeth. There are subcategories of supernumerary teeth, and some are more problematic than others.
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  • The Dos and Don'ts of Oral Hygiene When You Have Dentures

    When your dentist fits you with a new set of dentures, they're providing you with a life-changing alteration to your appearance. Whether you're replacing one missing tooth or several, you'll need to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. Doing so helps to ensure you remain free from gum disease and can help you keep more of your natural teeth for longer. If you're new to wearing false teeth, it'll help to learn some oral hygiene dos and don'ts.
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