What to Do After Your First Implant Procedure

Posted on: 9 August 2022

A dental implant can fill in the gaps from missing teeth that make it comfortable to eat and smile. But right after the initial implant surgery, you need to be careful. What you do and how you treat yourself can both affect the implant site. The last thing you need is for the implant to fail or for something else to go wrong.

Here are some tips after getting dental implants.

Treat Your Body Like It Had Surgery 

The implantation of the bottom portion of the implant is oral surgery and does take a toll on your body. Your immune system is working overtime to heal the tissue and bone around the implant and to stave off infection. Take it easy for a few days, and while you might be limited in what you can eat and drink, do what you can to make it as nutritious as possible. Rest, get your sleep, and try to reduce stress. All of this can be easier said than done in some cases, but do what you can; anything will help.

Follow Mouth Care Instructions Carefully

You'll have to be very careful when you brush and floss as the implant site heals. Mouthwash may be out of the question, but verify that with the dental surgeon. While you might be able to brush and floss surrounding teeth normally, soon after the surgery, the implant site will require special care for a while. Follow these instructions carefully as implant sites are dangerous places to get even a mild infection, and you don't want to interfere with the site's healing process.

Don't Rush Your Recovery

Along with relaxing for a bit and resting right after the surgery, don't try to rush your recovery. You'll be able to go back to work and do your normal daily activities soon after you get the implant, but you won't want to do strenuous exercise for a while, for example. If your work involves a lot of physical activity, make sure you have only light duties until the dentist gives their recommendation for you to return to full work.

You'll also need to monitor for pain and bleeding If you have pain after the first day or so, or you see bleeding that is more than pink oozing, contact the dentist immediately. You want to be sure the implant site is healing well and that the implant will stay in place permanently.


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