• 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Thermoplastic Mouth Guards In 2019

    So you've set a New Year's resolution to be more active and healthy. You've even decided to buy new cleats and return to the rugby pitch. But have you considered how to protect your teeth moving forward? Many contact sports expose players to the risk of blows near the mouth. Luckily, mouth guards absorb this impact and protect your teeth from damage. For many years, mouth guards have been made from a flexible material called ethylene.
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  • How Mouthguards Reduce the Risk of Concussion in Contact Sports

    In addition to mouthguards minimising the risk of tooth loss, cracked teeth or damaged jawbones, this equipment also reduces the risk of an athlete suffering from a concussion. Concussions are a leading cause of injury in many athletes around the country. They significantly affect your health and can result in long-term complications if not effectively treated. Luckily, wearing a custom-fitted and properly manufactured mouthguard can absorb impact to the lower jaw and base of the skull while you are playing contact sports.
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