The Cosmetic and Protective Benefits of Composite Bonding for Gum Recession

Posted on: 10 December 2019

Have you noticed that one or more of your teeth have gum recession? When gum tissue around a tooth recedes, not only are your teeth more vulnerable to tooth decay, but they are also less attractive. And, while in the case of minor gum recession, your gum tissue may return to normal, the same is not true for severe gum recession. This is where composite bonding comes in useful.

Composite Resin Can Protect Your Teeth Roots

If your gum tissue is healthy, you won't see the roots of your teeth. However, if you damaged your gum tissue through trauma or gum disease, then you will see those roots once the damaged gum tissue recedes. Unlike the main portion of your teeth, which is protected by a coat of enamel, a material harder than bone, the roots of your teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay.

The enamel coat on the roots of your teeth is thin, as is the dentin layer underneath. This means that dental decay can attack exposed roots and quickly cause damage if you don't take action to protect your roots first. Fortunately, your dentist can apply composite resin to your exposed roots. While not as strong as enamel, composite bonding will protect the roots of your teeth.

Composite bonding can last up to a decade. However, you need to ensure that you practice good oral hygiene and refrain from consuming foods and drinks high in acid. Otherwise, your composite bonding will only last a few years, if that.

Composite Bonding Hide Your Teeth Roots

The roots of your teeth that show when the gum tissue recedes are unattractive compared to the main portion of your teeth. This is because the enamel layer that gives teeth their pearlescent appearance is thin on the roots of your teeth. As such, exposed roots appear yellow in colour. This can affect the quality of your smile and, in turn, your confidence.

However, your dentist can cover up exposed roots with composite resin. In its resin form, the composite material is easy to manipulate and sculpt. Your dentist can create an appropriate shade of resin, one that matches your other teeth, and then apply that resin to your teeth roots before sculpting and shaping it. Once the bonding dries, the roots will be invisible.

If the roots of your teeth are visible due to gum recession, talk to a dentist about composite bonding. Composite bonding can protect your teeth and preserve the quality of your smile.


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