Why You Should Never Take Shortcuts When Trying to Get Your Teeth Straightened

Posted on: 24 June 2019

The Internet is a marvellous tool, and you will have no doubt spent many a long hour searching for a solution to your particular problem. It's a great resource and can often save you a lot of time while providing the fix that you were looking for. However, it's not always best to trust the information that you find online, especially when it comes to your dental health. For example, you may have been advised to take shortcuts to try and straighten your teeth, as some so-called "experts" advocate that you can focus only on the teeth that you see when you smile and not the others. This is not a good idea for many reasons, so why should you talk with a legitimate professional instead?

Need for Action

Many people want to improve their appearance and are very self-conscious about their teeth. They may have some gaps in their front teeth, or they may be out of line, and they simply want to fix the issue as soon as they can.


However, it's never a good idea to focus simply on the front teeth and not the entire mouth, as major problems can arise. For example, the bite may be adversely affected as the bottom teeth may impact the roof of the mouth following such a procedure, leading to considerable soreness. Alternatively, the teeth may not come together as they should, significantly reducing the ability to bite and chew.


Before teeth are moved using artificial means, the entire functionality of the mouth has to be addressed. If some teeth are forced in one direction and meet resistance from others, they can, in certain circumstances, be pushed away from their socket. This can lead to gum disease or recession and a need for additional treatment down the line.


There is a considerable risk that the teeth will simply return to their original position if shortcuts are taken and follow-up treatment is not provided. This is why an orthodontist may advise the use of retainers after a proper course of treatment. All of this is part of the professional approach.

The Better Approach

If you're really worried about the appearance of your teeth, you can certainly find an answer by talking to a professional dentist. These professionals will look at the entire structure of your mouth and determine how all the teeth work together in a certain way. Only then will they craft a plan of action, so don't take shortcuts. 

For more information about teeth straightening, reach out to a dentist today.


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