Do You Wear Dentures? You Need to Be on the Lookout for Denture-Related Stomatitis

Posted on: 10 October 2019

What does the term denture-related stomatitis actually suggest? Clearly, it's a condition limited to those who wear dentures, but it has nothing to do with your stomach. It's, in fact, a candida infection (which is a yeast-based fungus) caused by the dentures making improper contact with the mucous membrane in your mouth. While you obviously have to wear your dentures, how can they be making improper contact with the underlying tissues?

Causes of Denture-Related Stomatitis

There are two primary scenarios that can cause denture-related stomatitis to develop:

  • When your dentures are not cleaned properly, and are worn too often, such as overnight.
  • When your dentures no longer fit properly, which can occur when you've had your dentures for a number of years.

How can you tell if you are suffering from denture-related stomatitis? 

Symptoms and Potential Complications

Like many yeast infections, denture-related stomatitis does little more than cause a mild inflammation, which can result in the site feeling irritated and uncomfortable. It's not a particularly serious ailment, although it can strain your immune system. It rarely has any serious consequences, but some pepole are more at risk than others. Those with a metabolic disorder (such as diabetes) can be at risk, and so can those with an autoimmune disorder (such as HIV). Smoking can aggravate denture-related stomatitis, and some types of corticosteroid medications administered via a spray or inhaler can make the situation worse.

Dental Hygiene and the Fit of Your Dentures

Proper dental hygiene is crucial when you have dentures, and in most instances, denture-related stomatitis can be overcome by changing your habits. The overnight soaking of your dentures might need to take place in a cleansing solution with antibacterial qualities, as opposed to simply being soaked in water. If you habitually sleep with your dentures still in your mouth, this is a habit that needs to stop immediately. If it's suspected that your denture-related stomatitis is due to ill-fitting dentures, then they might need to be relined to improve their fit. This is a common type of denture repair and requires a thin layer of acrylic resin to be added to the denture base. 

You might be prescribed an antifungal treatment for your denture-related stomatitis, but in most instances, a simple change of habit and ensuring that your dentures fit properly will be sufficient to banish this annoying condition. Speak to your dentist for more information about this condition.


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