Key Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Dental Plates

Posted on: 11 November 2019

Dental braces are designed to correct teeth issues, and unlike the widespread belief that braces produce the best results in growing children, dentists recognize that grownups can benefit immensely from braces as well. However, this is only possible with the right approach, and that is why dentists usually follow up braces treatment with dental plates. Dental plates play an integral role in ensuring your teeth remain in place after the braces are removed. That said, dental plates need proper maintenance and cleaning. This article highlights crucial tips in this regard.  

Buy a Separate Brush for Dental Plates: A common mistake that dentists see among patients is using the same toothbrush for teeth and dental plates. Hygienically, this is a no-no because dental plates should stay as clean as possible. Therefore, using the same toothbrush that you clean your teeth with doesn't help. Moreover, dental plates are supposed to be cleaned with a special paste or soap, and that is the last thing you need on your toothbrush. Buying a separate toothbrush specifically for cleaning your dental plate will help to keep the plates clean at all times, and it also prevents cross-contamination. While you can use an ordinary toothbrush for this purpose, dentists recommend toothbrushes designed specifically for cleaning dental plates. The custom toothbrushes are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny you spend.  

Don't Boil Dental Plates: True, hot water is very effective as a means for killing bacteria. It is no wonder some patients prefer to clean their dental plates with hot water after brushing them. However, hot water is an enemy to your dental plate because heat distorts the plastic. Furthermore, the main reason your dentist took a mould of your teeth to make the dental plate is to ensure it fits snugly. If you lose the fit, then the dental plate will feel uncomfortable. Additionally, any distortions on the appliance will negate the work done by the braces because your teeth might start moving out of alignment. It might force your dentist to install braces again, and that can be an expensive proposition. Therefore, no matter how dirty you think your dental plates are, never use hot water to clean them.  

Place a Clean Towel in the Sink Basin: Just like other dental appliances, dental plates are fragile and expensive to replace once they break. For this reason, dentists recommend that patients place a clean towel in the sink basin when cleaning dental plates. This way, when you lose grip of the dental plate and it falls in the sink basin, the towel will act as a cushion. Most patients, however, believe that such a setup is only necessary for people who don't have steady hands. However, nothing could be further from the truth because such a mishap can occur at any time and to anybody.  


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