Here's How to Look After Your Dentures

Posted on: 18 July 2019

Although not an exact match for your missing real teeth, dentures also need proper care and cleaning. This aids in removing stains, tartar and plaque and retaining their shape over the course of normal use. 

Use the following care and maintenance tips to keep them in good working condition and keep your mouth healthy.

Regular Breaks

Dentists recommend giving your gums and mouth a break from the dentures on a daily basis, usually when you go to sleep. However, if you are unable to sleep without them, schedule the break over the awake hours. 

Place them in warm water, a mixture of vinegar and water or a recommended denture cleanser. The solution helps to remove stains, bacteria and tartar. Placing dentures in a warm solution maintains pliability and prevents drying out. 

Avoid soaking the artificial teeth replacements in hot water as they may change its shape under high heat.

Proper Health and Cleanliness

Dentures, just like normal teeth, can build up stains and tartar, causing irritation and gum disease. Use a soft-bristled brush or a provided special denture brush together with mild toothpaste to clean the dental appliances. Your dentist can recommend the ideal cleaner.

Other than the dentures, you still need to exercise good oral health by taking care of your mouth, especially the gums. For those with the partial type, brush and floss the remaining healthy teeth properly.

Dentures complicate or even make it difficult to chew fruits and vegetables, increasing the risk of nutrients-deficiency. Ask your dentist about viable nutrient replacements as well an alternative meal guide.

Careful Handling

Dentures are quite brittle and delicate. Handle yours with care and keep them away from children and pets. When fitting and removing the fittings in high-risk areas, such as over the bathroom sink, fill the sink with water or place a soft material such as a towel to prevent breaking in case of slipping.

Visits to Your Dentist

Over time, changes occur to the mouth, bones and dentures. Schedule periodic visits to the dentist to have your dentures checked. If you are experiencing issues such as discomfort, burning sensation or sores, see your dentist for emergency service.

Poorly fitting dentures, such as from warping due to exposure to high heat, results in complications, such as gas in the abdomen from swallowing air. Your dentist will adjust the dentures, as well as check for other causative signs of a poor fit, such as periodontal disease.

Dentures can help you to speak better, eat better and maintain your facial appearance. Whether full or partial, they all need proper care for optimal functionality. For more denture care tips, talk to your dentist today!


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