The Dos and Don'ts of Oral Hygiene When You Have Dentures

Posted on: 7 January 2022

When your dentist fits you with a new set of dentures, they're providing you with a life-changing alteration to your appearance. Whether you're replacing one missing tooth or several, you'll need to maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine. Doing so helps to ensure you remain free from gum disease and can help you keep more of your natural teeth for longer. If you're new to wearing false teeth, it'll help to learn some oral hygiene dos and don'ts.

Do Rinse Your Dentures Thoroughly

You'll likely find that you need to rinse your dentures several times a day. Ideally, you'll rinse them each time you eat. Doing so means you're not trapping food in them. As trapped food is an excellent source of sustenance for bacteria, you'll want to minimise it as much as possible. Additionally, you'll need to rinse them after using an appropriate cleaning fluid so that you're not introducing caustic substances to your mouth. Make sure you rinse your false teeth using clear cool water. 

Don't Leave Them Without Their Casing

Your false teeth should come with a case that you can place them into when you're not wearing them. Doing so ensures you keep them free from dirt and debris, which also means they're clean enough for you to place into your mouth. In addition to placing them in their casing, make sure you keep the case clean. Alongside ensuring your dentures remain hygienic, your case reduces the risk of you breaking them.

Do Brush Them Regularly

Much like your natural teeth, false teeth require the attention of a toothbrush. However, you shouldn't use the same hard bristle one that you use for your original teeth. Instead, ask your dentist for advice on brands that have soft bristles that won't cause abrasions to your dentures. You may be able to get away with brushing just once per day. However, it's good practice to brush them in the morning before placing them in your mouth and in the evening after taking them out.

Don't Use Abrasive Products

It's wise to avoid cutting corners when it comes to using cleaning products on your false teeth. Anything that's too abrasive may erode and warp them, which can then result in oral injuries. Instead, use specialist solutions or mild soapy water. Both will do the job of keeping your dentures clean without inflicting damage.

Finally, make sure you attend your usual dental check-ups and appointments. The healthier you keep your teeth, the more hygienic your dentures will be. Contact a local dentist to get more tips on taking care of dentures.


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