Why Your Child Needs To Have Regular Dental Checkups

Posted on: 16 April 2015

It is important for your child to visit the dental office regularly if you want them to have the best teeth possible. In many ways, it is more important for children to visit the dentist regularly than adults, as kids grow and changes can occur rapidly. Keeping an eye on them can prevent problems. If you have not made the effort thus far to take your child for regular dental appointments, then read on for a list of reasons why you should:

  • Dental hygiene education: It is important for a child to learn solid dental hygiene principles so that they develop the right habits for later on in life. If you have had trouble teaching your child the right way to look after their teeth then perhaps a dentist can do it for you. A young child might take the advice of a dentist in a dental office more seriously if you have had difficulty in getting through to them.
  • X-rays: It is important for a child to get an X-ray periodically to determine if they have gum disease or any complications with their jawbone. Such a scan is required because not all types of diseases are visible with the naked eye. The X-ray will expose your child to radiation, but this should not concern you because the strength of the radiation is not much stronger than what sunlight causes.
  • Teeth alignment treatment: By having regular checkups a dentist can monitor the development of the teeth. This allows them to determine the best time to start a teeth alignment treatment via braces if your child will require such a treatment.
  • Early detection: A general checkup has the ability to spot teeth that are rotting, or gum diseases before it has developed into something serious. Therefore, even if your child is not reporting any pain in the mouth you should still make the effort to visit a local dentist.
  • Damaged fillings: When fillings become damaged it can be uncomfortable for a child to eat, and they need to get repaired as soon as possible. By making regular dental office visits a dentist can spot any filings that need some maintenance work completed.
  • Quality of the bite: During a child's dental checkup a dentist will examine the quality of the bite. If there is something wrong with the bite then that means there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

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