Tips When You Lose a Permanent Tooth

Posted on: 16 March 2016

Tooth loss is normal, but not when you are dealing with permanent teeth. If you have a tooth that is avulsed from your mouth due to some type of impact, this is a dental emergency. It is always important that you take quick action after a permanent tooth is knocked out because you want to make sure that the tooth has a chance of being salvaged and that infection of your tooth socket can be avoided. It is possible to save your tooth and remove the need for a dental implant if you follow a few tips once your tooth is knocked out or avulsed from your socket.


Once your tooth is knocked out of your mouth, it is important that you find it right away. Sometimes, due to the type of impact that you have sustained, finding the tooth can be time consuming. It is only possible to salvage a tooth if you find it first. When you do find the lost permanent tooth, make sure that you grab it by the crown of the tooth. Make sure that you do not touch the fleshy part of the root with your fingers if possible.


Once you have the lost tooth, you can then try to protect the root of the tooth. You need to rinse off the tooth and concentrate on the root area. Just make sure that you do not rinse it under high pressured water or scrub it. You do not want to lose vital tissue. You should not rinse your tooth with water and should only use a saline solution or milk if saline is not accessible. Once the tooth has been cleaned, you should then try to put it back into the socket that it was removed from. If you can get the tooth into the socket, you can use a piece of gauze to hold it into place until you can get to an emergency dentist.


If you are not able to get your lost tooth back into the socket, you should just place it into a solution until you get to the dentist. The solution that you place the tooth in should be saline or milk. Do not put the lost tooth into water, because water is not effective at reserving the root of the tooth and it will be almost impossible to re-implant a tooth that is stored in a water solution.

These tips can help you take care of your tooth until you can get to an emergency dentist, which you should do as soon as possible. 


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