Pregnancy and Dental Health: Do You Need to See a Periodontist During Pregnancy?

Posted on: 19 May 2016

There is so much to consider during pregnancy. One of those is maintaining your dental health. You are more at risk of gum disease and plaque build-up during this time. Do you really need to see a periodontist in pregnancy? Here are four reasons to keep your dental checks up to date.

The Experts Recommend It

Experts who have carried out research into various health problems have found that women are best keeping on top of their dental health during pregnancy. Harelane Dental Practice states that the European Federation of Periodontology and the American Academy of Periodontology both urge expectant mothers to maintain their dental health. Periodontal diseases can lead to issues during pregnancy, including low birth weights and pre-term births.

Gums Will Bleed Much Easier

During pregnancy, your gums are more likely to bleed. This is often due to the excess blood within the body and it finds somewhere to go, but bleeding gums are a sign of other problems too. Your dentist will check to see if there are other sides of gum disease. A periodontist will also look out for excess swelling, highlighting further oral problems.

Morning Sickness Can Damage Teeth

If you have morning sickness, the enamel on your teeth may be damaged. This will make your teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. While your dentist can't stop the morning sickness, they may be able to treat your teeth and offer advice on how to stop tooth enamel damage from occurring. A periodontist will also be able to offer effective tips to keep your teeth clean and healthy if brushing and flossing makes the morning sickness worse.

Temporary Measures to Prevent Pain

Toothache is one of worst pains a person will go through. While some treatments cannot take place during pregnancy, it is still worth visiting if there is toothache. Not only will your dentist be able to diagnose it, but may be able to find a temporary solution while you are limited on medications. Visiting a periodontist in pregnancy will also ensure abscesses and infections are taken care of quickly and effectively without harming the baby.

Your dental health is just as important while you are expecting a baby as it is any other time, if not moreso. It is important to visit your periodontist regularly to protect your gum health. Not only will you protect your own teeth, but you keep your baby safe from any risks associated with poor oral health. Contact a professional like Dr Edmond Lobaza for more information.


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