How You Can Beat Periapical Abscess At Home

Posted on: 28 July 2016

An abscess is an infection that is usually characterized by a pus-filled swell in or around the tooth. If the swell occurs between the gum and the tooth, the abscess is known as periodontal abscess. But if it occurs inside the tooth, it is known as periapical abscess. A periapical abscess is caused by nerves that are dying or nerves that are already dead. The nerves die due to different factors such as extensive tooth decay, a blow to the tooth, or tooth trauma caused by clenching and grinding of teeth. A periapical abscess begins at the tip of the root before spreading to the surrounding bone structure. If left untreated, cyst (a bubble filled with fluid) may form in your jaw bone.

How Do You Know You Have A Periapical Abscess?

You know you are suffering from a tooth abscess if you experience pain while you are eating or when you press on the tooth. Your face and jaw may also become swollen as the infection starts to grow. And keep an eye on the color of the affected tooth; it usually changes to a dark color when it is attacked by abscess.

How Do You Treat A Periapical Abscess?

An abscess is not that hard to treat, especially if is in the developing stages. One way of treating a periapical abscess is by using garlic, which is a well-known natural antibiotic; it derives its antibacterial properties from a compound known as allicin. To treat the abscess, slice a clove of your garlic and place it on the swollen section. Leave it there for some time so that it can relieve the swell and the pain. But if the swell is still there after a considerable amount of time, replace the garlic with another slice; keep replacing until the swelling is gone.

Another method that is useful in treating periapical abscess is oil pulling. All you need for the treatment is virgin coconut oil. Place a tablespoon of the oil in your mouth and swish it. Take this medication several times a day and stop when the swelling stops. What the oil does is that it pulls all the toxins and bacteria from your mouth, including those that are trapped in the abscess. In addition to pulling, the lipids in the oil also prevent bacteria from adhering to the walls of the mouth.

However, if the swell is persistent, seek the services of an endodontist.


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