Dental Health Issues That You Should Protect Yourself From As You Age

Posted on: 24 February 2017

As people age, the body goes through various changes which can sometimes give rise to new health problems. Among the issues that you may experience as you get older is deterioration in your overall oral health. However, unlike most health problems, you may not be aware of oral issues until they have become drastic. Read on to find out some of the oral problems that you may be exposed so that you can take the right measures to protect yourself from them.

Dry mouth

You may find that as you grow old, your mouth tends to dry out more often. The amount of saliva in the mouth reduces naturally or due to the intake of some medication. Saliva keeps the tongue, gums and other soft tissues healthy and helps wash away food particles and bacteria that cause tooth decay. If your mouth keeps on drying out, you can be at a high risk of suffering from dental caries and oral infections.

The best way to prevent your mouth from drying out is by drinking water regularly throughout the day. Also, liaise with your doctor so that they can prescribe drugs that won't cause your mouth to dry out.

Worn enamel

Many years of chewing and biting foods can take a toll on the enamel of your teeth. A worn enamel not only increases the chances of tooth decay, but it can also cause teeth sensitivity, a condition which can make it hard for you to consume hot and cold foods. The enamel cannot be naturally restored once it begins to wear down.

You can slow down enamel loss by avoiding hard foods. Also, do not chew ice cubes or use your teeth to break nuts or open beverage bottles. However, if your enamel is already wearing away, your dentist can recommend restorations such as dental crowns to avoid further deterioration.

Gum disease

The gums are vital tissues in the mouth as they create a sturdy anchor for the teeth. However, as one grows older, the gums may weaken due to poor oral health, old age or other health issues. Some behaviors, such as tobacco smoking, can also deteriorate the gums. Poor gum health can lead to gum disease, a condition that's characterized by red, swollen, bleeding and painful gums. Gum disease can affect your oral and overall body health.

Protect yourself from gum disease by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth. Also, avoid smoking to maintain healthy gums and preserve your body's immunity. Visit the dentist for oral checkup and cleaning once in a while so that any oral issues may be detected and treated on time.


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