Signs Your Child Needs to See a Dentist

Posted on: 18 September 2017

Tooth decay and dental complaints in children are relatively common, yet they're also easy to prevent. When you remain vigilant about your child's oral health, you can protect their teeth for their adult years. Looking out for the signs your child needs to see a dentist can help you do this.

They're six months old

It may sound crazy, but exposing your child to the dental environment from a young age allows them to adjust to it. As a result, they're less likely to fear visits to the dentist as they get older. From this stage, you should take them to see a dentist every six months. This allows the dental team to identify potential small problems and address them before they become big ones.

A toothache that isn't resolving

If you've ever encountered wisdom teeth, you'll know just how painful growing teeth is. As such, not all tooth pains indicate that your child needs to see a dentist. However, if their toothache doesn't resolve after using simple painkillers for a few days, you may want to consider tooth decay. Today, children's diets contain more sugar than ever, which means they're more at risk of tooth decay than you were as a kid. Addressing the issue promptly can prevent the loss of adult teeth they've already grown or the need for fillings.

There's a tender, soft, and swollen pimple on the gum

Sometimes dental infections set in insidiously, before turning into something more serious. If your child has a tender, soft, and swollen pimple on their gum, they may have a dental abscess.

Dental abscesses are infections that threaten to affect other tissues surrounding the tooth. This includes the nerve and the blood vessels, so there's potential for a systemic infection to occur too. As children don't have mature immune systems like adults do, they may struggle to battle the infection themselves. This means they may need antibiotics.

There are random white spots on their teeth

If random white spots are starting to appear on your child's teeth, this could be extreme enamel decay. Progression of this condition is rapid. However, the right interventions can prevent it from becoming problematic, allowing your child to enjoy good oral health once more.

The time you spend investing in your child's mouth will make life easier for them in the future. If you're ever unsure as to whether they need to see a dentist, get in touch with yours and start asking a couple of questions. 


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