4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting a Family Dentist

Posted on: 2 November 2017

Think about having one dentist from the time your first tooth showed through adulthood. Wonderful isn't it? Well, this is not just active imagination. You can make this happen for your children. Again, how does having a one-stop shop for all your family's dental requirements resonate with you? As you ponder on that, here are some of the benefits associated with having a family dentist.

Anticipation of Dental Problems

Hereditary gum problems or trending tooth complications are easy to spot and treat when you are visiting the same family dentist. Family dentistry offers a proactive approach to ensuring oral health. If a parent develops a particular dental problem, the family dentist can be on the lookout for early signs in the children. Again, prevention measures are also possible. 


Having to make dentist appointments for every individual in the family can be a hectic endeavour, especially for parents with crammed schedules. When everyone in the household is receiving care from the same dentist, you will save plenty of time which could have otherwise been spent juggling locations. Any paperwork or financial queries will be readily resolved. Additionally, you can also organise with the family dentist in your locality to have a family appointment on the same day just to make life easier.

Lasting Rapport

Your children's appointments with the paediatric dentist will be concluded just before they can venture into college. During this time, they will have to search for another dentist.  When you think about it, this doesn't seem like a high priority for a teenager looking to join college. Similarly, introducing a family dentist to your child's life will build a lasting bond with them which will make them more inclined to set and keep appointments in their adulthood.

Again, having a family dentist will help alleviate the fear some children associate with dental appointments. 

Personalised Care

Since your family dentist is aware of your family's history, they can utilise that knowledge to offer you a vast array of services just tailored for you. Most family dentists in Australia also provide a variety of dental services, such as cosmetic surgery and orthodontics. Since the dentist is aware of your oral health history, you can be sure to receive the best recommendation.

With all that said, it is in your best interests to ensure that the family dentist you select offers emergency services. You can also transform a dental appointment into a day of spending time and having fun as a family.


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