Reasons to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed Before They Cause Trouble

Posted on: 13 July 2018

Whether your wisdom teeth have emerged from your gums seemingly fine and in good health or you're procrastinating a visit to the dentist even though they're completely impacted, it's usually a good idea to get them removed. It isn't without reason that many people are now not even developing wisdom teeth; you could say that the force of evolution is trying to say something! So, apart from a painful toothache for example, what are some less-obvious reasons that you should get one, some, or all of your wisdom teeth removed?

Stop Decay

If you, like many others, have a strong urge to brush every last dental crevice in your mouth, chance are that you know of the struggles of brushing the back of your wisdom teeth. Whether the side of your wisdom teeth facing the back of your head is unreachable by brush due to your gums or the angle, you're definitely not alone. Due to problems like these, wisdom teeth, if not removed, are often the first type of tooth to develop decay. Causing pain, a bad smell and taste and potentially infection, teeth with such a high chance of decay should be removed, preferably before this decay even begins.

Prevent Infection

Not only can your wisdom teeth become infected due to decay, but they can also cause infection in other teeth due to a bad protrusion angle, or they can cause an infection in the gum. Because, in many cases, one's lower wisdom teeth are right up against the wall of gum at the back of the lower jaw, they can cause food to get stuck between them and the gums, or their position alone can cause a permanent wound on the gum wall. Infections of this type will often only get worse and require a removal, which would have saved a lot of problems if completed previously.

Halt Crowding and Bite Issues

Have you ever wondered why so many children today are requiring braces? With the human jaw supposedly shrinking, and its wisdom teeth disappearing, many people find themselves in a seemingly inevitable awkward state of human evolution—having a small jaw while still growing wisdom teeth. This awkward state is usually expressed by the crowding of your teeth and bite problems, a relatively simple problem that is often caused by pressure exerted by one's wisdom teeth. This simple problem also has a simple solution — wisdom tooth removal. 


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