Children's Dental Health: Three Crucial Tips for Using Space Maintainers

Posted on: 1 August 2018

If your child loses their primary teeth prematurely and the gap is neglected, malocclusion might occur. In general, the malocclusion will occur because the teeth surrounding the gap will shift to the empty space. When the permanent tooth erupts, there will be limited space for growth. As a result, the secondary teeth will be crooked, necessitating extensive dental treatment.

Fortunately, malocclusion and subsequent dental problems can be avoided by obtaining space maintainers from a children's orthodontist. This dental device will help in preserving the gap until the permanent teeth grow. Here are simple tips to help your child avoid dental misalignment and get the best results when using space maintainers.

Choose the Right Device

There are different types of dental space maintainers, and you must ensure that your child has the right unit for optimal health. These devices can be categorised as either fixed or removable products. You should discuss the benefits of each for your child with the orthodontist before treatment commences. In general, fixed devices cannot be taken out at home after installation.

These units are ideal for small children who cannot handle the upkeep of a removable alternative. This might also be the best choice if the missing tooth is in the back of the dental arch. Removable space maintainers are designed to allow the child to take the unit out when eating and brushing teeth. You should opt for these units if your child will not neglect the use of the orthodontic device.

Clean the Space Maintainer

Proper cleaning is essential for the durability and ideal performance of the space maintainers. If the orthodontic devices are not cleaned properly and frequently, they will be prone to accelerated wear. In addition, the space maintainers might encourage the build-up of harmful oral bacteria if they are not cleaned appropriately. Removable space maintainers should be taken out and cleaned thoroughly. After brushing the teeth and flossing, the device can be reinstalled. Fixed devices will need to be cleaned when brushing teeth.

Monitor the Dental Condition

You should monitor the condition of your child's dental health after the installation of space maintainers. It is important to make certain that there are no anomalies in the condition of the teeth, gums and the oral cavity. If there are anomalies in the dental features, you should consult the orthodontist immediately. You should also remember to keep the follow-up appointments after the acquisition of the space maintainer. Additionally, you should obtain a replacement device immediately if the original is damaged or lost.


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