How Dentures Can Cause Inflammation at the Corners of Your Mouth

Posted on: 28 June 2021

Whether you had been missing some, or all of your teeth, when your smile was restored by dentures, you had a full set of functional teeth once again. As the years have gone by, your smile might not be quite so sparkling anymore. Although your dentures might be perfectly intact, the effect is spoiled by the development of obvious red inflammation at the corners of your mouth. But what is this inflammation, and how are your dentures involved?

A Telltale Redness

Naturally, any inflammation that might be caused by an infection should be assessed by a medical professional. However, if someone wears dentures and develops a telltale redness at the corners of their mouth, then you might have developed angular cheilitis. What is this condition?

An Inflammation

Long-term denture wearers might eventually become affected by angular cheilitis. It's simple enough to prevent (and more about that shortly). The inflammation has two primary causes:

  • Exposure to candida (a type of yeast), which can accumulate in the mouth, and can be aggravated by the presence of your dentures.
  • Exposure to the digestive enzymes in your saliva, which has happened due to excessive drooling, and again, this can be traced back to your dentures.

The inflammation can be itchy, or even sore. But what needs to be done about angular cheilitis?

Temporary Effect

Any ointments that you might use to treat the inflammation will only have a temporary effect because the cause (your dentures) still remains. Fortunately, it's very simple to modify your dentures, which will eliminate the cause of your angular cheilitis.


Denture relining is the process of adding a thin layer of acrylic resin to your denture plate. The contours of your mouth change over time, and your dentures need to change with them. Without relining, your dentures will no longer fit properly, promoting excessive drooling and creating small hollows where candida can gather. 

Topical Treatment

Having your dentures relined should prevent a recurrence of your angular cheilitis, but you should still consider seeing a doctor, if only for a prescription for an appropriate antifungal ointment. Severe cases of angular cheilitis may also require antiseptic and/or antibiotics treatment. 

Although the development of an unsightly red inflammation at the corners of your mouth can be unsettling, remember that it can be as simple as having your dentures modified. 

For more information about denture relining and how it can benefit your oral health, contact a local dental office.


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