4 Benefits Of Choosing Removable Partial Dentures

Posted on: 17 March 2023

If you ever lose one or more of your teeth, dentures can provide a way to restore your smile and maintain the functionality of your natural teeth. However, many patients are surprised by the range of options available when it comes to dentures, so choosing the right type can be tricky.

If you are only missing some of your teeth, removable partial dentures (RPDs) can be a great option. They are made from an acrylic gum-coloured base that holds one or more false teeth, and the base attaches easily using two or more clasps.

Here are just four reasons why you should consider RPDs.

1. Extremely Durable

It's common for people who are new to wearing dentures to worry about their durability. After all, nobody wants to go through the embarrassment or inconvenience associated with broken dentures. However, this shouldn't be a concern when you opt for RPDs. Thanks to the underlying metal framework, they are extremely robust. Even when you're chewing tough food or engaging in sports, RPDs should prove dependable.

2. Easy to Clean

It's vital to keep your dentures clean in order to avoid everything from infections to further tooth decay, but this can be tricky when you opt for fixed restoration options. RPDs make life more convenient since they can be removed whenever you want and easily cleaned before being put back in your mouth. As such, you can maintain your oral health with ease.

3. Cost-Effective

There are many options when it comes to replacing lost teeth, but many come at a significant cost. While you don't want to opt for economy dentures that aren't able to offer the durability or comfort you deserve, you can keep costs down by choosing RPDs. They are still comfortable and dependable, but they don't cost nearly as much as fixed restoration options, such as dental implants. They also tend to save over time since additional false teeth can be added to RPDs over time if further natural teeth are lost.

4. Wide Eligibility  

You might be drawn to options such as implant-supported bridges, but these are not right for every patient. These replacement options will include a surgical procedure, and many patients either cannot undergo surgery or do not want to go through with such an invasive procedure. Additionally, fixed tooth replacement options generally require a certain density of jawbone beneath the target site, and that rules many people out. In contrast, nearly every patient will be eligible for RPDs.

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