Fast Toothache Relief | Natural Ways of Dealing With a Toothache

Posted on: 20 January 2016

A toothache is a serious pain that can cause you sleepless nights if not taken care of. It mainly occurs when the pulp cavity is irritated or inflamed.  This could be caused by tooth fractures, cavities, tooth decay or infected gums. Most people go for pain relief drugs when the pain gets out of control. But drugs normally have side effects such as an upset stomach, and some may even cause more damage, particularly if not prescribed by the doctor.
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A Few Questions About Orthodontics

Posted on: 29 December 2015

The term orthodontics refers to a specialized field of dentistry that is concerned with facial abnormalities. This most commonly includes the straightening of crooked teeth, and an orthodontist is usually the one to apply braces and other such devices or treatments to teeth in order to make them straight. Note a few of the most commonly asked questions about orthodontics so you can better understand when and why you might need such professional care.
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Flossing Around Your New Dental Implant: What You Need to Know

Posted on: 9 December 2015

Dental implants are remarkable. Not so long ago, a missing tooth needed to be replaced with a denture or a prosthesis held in place with a metal bridge. Now an anchor can be implanted directly into your jaw with a prosthetic tooth affixed to it via an abutment. It looks totally natural and only you and your dentist would know the different. Having a dental implant can create some problems when it comes to flossing, although most of these problems can be easily overcome.
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All You Need To Know About Dental Bridges

Posted on: 20 November 2015

Missing teeth have a negative effect on the appearance of your smile. Furthermore, missing teeth affect your bite and can cause speech impediments, shifting teeth, tooth decay and periodontal disease. One of the effective ways of replacing missing teeth is through dental bridges. Read on to understand what dental bridges are, how they are installed and how to care for them. Dental Bridge Basics A dental bridge consists of two tooth caps for both sides of your gap, with the gap being filled by an artificial tooth.
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