Don't Grin and Bear It: How to Cope with Broken and Knocked-Out Teeth

Posted on: 24 August 2017

Broken and knocked-out teeth are more common than you may think.  All it takes is a nasty fall against an unforgiving surface - but thankfully, with dental assistance, these emergencies need not result in permanent, irreparable damage.  So long as you know how to respond in the first instance after this happens, you stand a good chance of not only saving your smile, but also keeping the chipped or broken tooth.
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How Adults Wearing Dental Braces Can Maintain Good Oral Hygiene and Keep Their Appliances in Good Shape

Posted on: 1 August 2017

Like many other adult dental patients, you may not fancy the idea of having to wear braces, but that might be the only effective way to move your teeth into proper alignment. If your dentist has determined that you are eligible for dental braces, you might be wondering about how you can maintain proper dental hygiene while wearing braces and keep the orthodontic appliances in tiptop condition. Here are some useful tips you should follow to achieve these goals.
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4 Medications Which Can Damage Your Oral Health

Posted on: 14 March 2017

Many people do not realise that common medications could be harming their dental health. Below is a guide to 4 drugs which could be causing damage to your teeth and gums. Antacids Antacids often contain high levels of sugar. The sugar is added so that the chewable tablets taste pleasant. However, this sugar will coat your teeth and provide an ideal food source for bacteria. Antacids can also cause your mouth to become dry, which creates the perfect environment for bacteria growth and can result in tooth decay.
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Dental Health Issues That You Should Protect Yourself From As You Age

Posted on: 24 February 2017

As people age, the body goes through various changes which can sometimes give rise to new health problems. Among the issues that you may experience as you get older is deterioration in your overall oral health. However, unlike most health problems, you may not be aware of oral issues until they have become drastic. Read on to find out some of the oral problems that you may be exposed so that you can take the right measures to protect yourself from them.
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